Welcome to the Geography Department

In Geography our aim is to stimulate a sense of awe and wonder at the world around us and to answer some of those frequently asked questions, such as “why do the weather forecasters get it wrong?” We work on map skills and find out where the places you hear about on TV are, but then take it further to explore them, understand the people of those places, the natural features, the environmental problems, how they all interact and the ways that we can investigate for ourselves in order to predict the future.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 we look at a range of studies to answer questions about things you may see happening around us and about things that are likely to happen in our lifetimes and beyond. The studies change each half term and include the following topics and more besides…

·         How has Sandwell developed?

·         How has the landscape been shaped?

·         What are the most weird and wonderful places?

·         Why does climate change?

·         Where did my stuff come from?

Key Stage 4

If pupils opt for Geography at GCSE they can expect further variety of topics. We study the OCR GCSE (9-1) Geographical Themes course which allows us to expand our geographical skills and study the following topic areas;

·         Landscapes of the UK – including how rivers, coasts and landscapes have changed.

·         People of the UK – including population changes, patterns of social change and a case study of a city.

·         UK environmental challenges – including extreme weather events, how humans affect the environment and renewable v. non-renewable energy.

·         Ecosystems of the Planet – including rainforests, coral reefs and the threat to them from humans.

·         People of the Planet – including uneven development of the world and reasons for it.

·         Environmental threats to our Planet – including climate change and drought with investigation of the possible effects this can have and how we have dealt with it so far.