Welcome to the History Department

In History we work to capture the imagination of pupils and to help them explore areas they may be interested in, but also to develop skills used in History that can be applied in life in general.

We enhance pupils’ knowledge and understanding of a variety of key events, eras and people. In addition we help pupils learn the skills of realising the causes, the consequences, changes, continuity and significance of History. We encourage pupils to question the reliability of evidence we have and to develop their own ideas about the past.

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3 we focus on local, national and international history studies to provide a variety of knowledge and understanding that will appeal to many pupils and provide an interest that will promote questions about each event, era or people.

The studies change each half term and include the following topics and more besides…

·         How could we have defended Dudley Castle?

·         Who was Jack the Ripper?

·         Did the Suffragettes deserve the vote?

·         How should we remember the Holocaust?

·         What did the Twentieth Century ever do for us?

Key Stage 4

If pupils opt for History at GCSE they can expect further variety of topics. We study the OCR GCSE (9-1) Schools History Project course which includes topics such as;

·         Crime and Punishment

·         The Elizabethans

·         History around Us in the local area

·         The Making of America

·         Living Under Nazi Rule