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Mary Parkes
Chair & Co-Opted
Rachel Kelly
Staff Governor
Daniel Bailey
Co-Opted Governor
Mike Wilkes
Vice Chair & Co-Opted Governor
Martin Roadknight
 Co-Opted Governor
Tom Daly
LA Governor
Helen Ferraby-Davies
Parent Governor
Date of Appointment
03.02.2010 01.09.2017  24.10.18 01.03.2012 24.01.2018  24.01.2018 01.03.2017
Appointed By:

The Governing Body


 The Governing Body

The Governing Body

The Governing Body

Local Authority


Term of Office

From: 15.05.2013

To:     14.05.2017

From:   01.09.2017

To:       31.08.2021

From:  24.10.2018

To:      23.10.2022

From:  15.05.2014

To:      14.05.2018

From: 24.01.2018

To:     23.01.2022

 From: 24.01.2018

To:      23.01.2022

 From: 01.03.2017

To:     28.02.2021

Name of Governing Body
Whiteheath Education Management Committee Whiteheath Education Management Committee Whiteheath Education Management Committee Whiteheath Education Management Committee Whiteheath Education Management Committee  Whiteheath Education Management Committee Whiteheath Education Management Committee
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Background Info

I am a health planner by background and also have a Masters in Business Administration.  Much of my work has been on delivering projects in health services.

Teacher and re-integration co-ordinator at the Centre.  

Previously a parent governor.

I am an allied health care practitioner and have worked in clinical practice since 2002 helping people with musculoskeletal pain. 34 years teaching experience.  Was Head Teacher at local secondary school for last 5 years. I have worked in Sandwell within secondary education and pastoral care since 2008.  As a trained PE teacher I have an interest in keeping fit and spending time with my family.  I have worked in pastoral care in secondary schools across the West Midlands for the past 12 years.  I currently work at a local Sandwell secondary school where I have been for the past 6 years.  

LSP Level 4 / Team Leader

Over 10 years experience of working in a range of schools.

Current Role/Job Title
Independent Project Manager Reintegration and Transition Co-ordinator In addition to my clinical practice, I am also a health researcher at Keele University and a senior lecturer on a health-related master's degree.  Doing some work for Local Authority, Sandwell & at teaching school. Assistant Principal  Senior Leader - Pastoral  Parent
Governance Roles in Other Schools
            Governor at Shenstone Lodge
Why did you become a governor?
To give something back to Whiteheath who home tutored my daughter when she was too ill to attend mainstream school. To be the representative for all staff at Whiteheath Education Centre. I was interested in pursuing a voluntary role that would combine my experience in health and education while allowing me to develop my skills in governance.  To support the Centre. I wanted to support a provision that I have seen working for the benefit of our Sandwell students and give better life chances for those pupils who face barriers to overcome.  I am passionate about young people being given the best possible opportunities to succeed.  I have worked closely with Whiteheath in my current role and I truly value the incredible work that they do.  It seemed like a wonderful opportunity to support the young people, families and staff that use the centre. To add and support an already good team at Whiteheath.  I'm a parent of children previously and now attending Whiteheath.
Any special interests/hobbies/ relevant experience?
Previous parent governor.


Previous parent governor at another local authority school.

I am chair of the executive committee of a large Scout group in Wolverhampton where my three children are members. 


Head Teacher

18 years leadership experience
I am a Designated Safeguarding lead in my own school and have been part of the Sandwell Behaviour and attendance panel for 3 years.  I am a keen sports fan although I'd perhaps better not mention my team! 10 years + of working in a range of schools as LSP / Team Leader Level 4.
How can you help the Centre?

As Chair of Governor's I am keen to provide appropriate guidance, support and challenge for governors, staff and parents.  

As a previous parent governor I have direct experience of the difficulties faced by pupils and am keen to help support parents.

Provide the link between staff and governors and provide information and advice from a teaching perspective.  I can provide advice and support in relation to health issues that concern the school. Experience of educational issues. I have an extensive knowledge of the difficulties faced by young people in the area.  I strongly believe that I can help the centre ensure that the right pupils are receiving the right support.  I can help by bringing the perspective of a local school that work with Whiteheath.  I also attend meetings with Sandwell schools every three weeks and can add that perspective to discussions.  Happy to help and support in all areas of school and school life.