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Rowley Talent Day

Rowley Talent Day

Shock, Horror, Amazed!

Rowley Regis talent show was organised by the members of St Giles Church, Rowley Regis  Parish, on 14th March 2014.  The aim was to involve the schools and young people from the area to perform and raise funds for the church’s work in the community. 

Mrs Challoner entered us into the talent show, and also asked staff to get involved.  We decided on the song ‘Shine like a star’, inspired by its upbeat sound and encouraging lyrics.  The thought of a talent show was a lovely idea but I was a little shocked that we were entered to sing due to lack of interest from the pupils in the past.  However the idea of performing alongside staff was encouraging and during rehearsals created a fun and happy ending to each day. 

We began rehearsals two to three weeks prior to the event, the enthusiasm of staff created a positive vibe, helping to create an atmosphere for pupils to feel comfortable to perform.   However horror followed as the pupils put down to perform all became sick at around the same time leaving it to only staff to perform.  Thankfully pupils were all in school for the last week and were all willing to participate in this event.  The group had their own slot and worked hard at learning their songs.  Luke, who is on home tuition, came in a few times to rehearse and Rebecca, Marcus, and Caitlin all used their spare time and activity sessions to rehearse.  Syed  put the backing music on for us during rehearsal and performance.  Mrs Siddell worked with her art group to paint the T shirts, which were in sync with the lyrics of our chosen song.

There were times when rehearsal with the pupils became intense as their anxiety threatened to overwhelm them and it was not until the last day that I knew whether they would perform; however perform they did.  I was amazed at how well the whole event came together; Rebecca and Caitlin opened our slot, performing as a duo, leading to Marcus, Luke and myself on the steel pans, and Rebecca who had two solo performances. 

These pupils were courageous at a time when they were very nervous and reluctant. In spite of the nerves they all gave a heartfelt and amazing performance, with Syed putting on the backing tracks throughout the performance, which really helped the event go more smoothly.

Mrs Challoner, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Brueton, Mrs Sorrell, Mrs Hobson, Rebecca, Caitlin and myself sang alongside Marcus and Luke on the pans for our finale, ‘Shine like a Star’.   It was a lovely ending to our part in the event.  Our group had many positive comments from the vicar and other parishioners, who were fascinated by Marcus showing them how to play the steel pans before our performance. 

Bethany was our photographer for the day and captured some really good moments, which highlighted the enthusiasm and contribution from all involved in the day.


Miss D Wishart   (Music Teacher and Mentor)