Enrichment Events

Dudley Zoo Trip

The annual trip to Dudley Zoo and Castle took place on Monday 9th November with the Year 11 Historians. It was quite a cold and miserable day but we arrived as the zoo opened and looked at the owls and the Meer cats on the approach to the castle.

Once there, the pupils visited the areas of the site that were important to their CA work. They explored the outer bailey, read about and analysed the triple gate with its ‘murder hole’ and traipsed to the top of the keep in the howling wind.





We viewed the Sharrington Range from the keep and took some much needed photographs and then returned to ground level to explore the range by foot after investigating the motte. Unfortunately, much of the Sharrington Range was closed to the public and so the pupils had to read about the rooms, their uses and magnificent fireplaces from the written information boards. We did manage to see the chapel window arches, the turret housing a staircase and the thinner curtain walls with additional exits.

After a brief look at the sea lions and a discussion about where the moat would have been we made our way back to the coach after a cold but successful trip.