Welcome to the French Department

Learning a language makes our minds stronger and more flexible. Actually using it gives us an entirely new experience of the world.”

John Cleese, Actor.

“It is arrogant to assume that we can get by in English or that everyone else will speak our language. Learning a foreign language is polite, demonstrates commitment- and is, in today’s world absolutely necessary.”

Sir Trevor McDonald, Chair, Nuffield Language Enquiry.

All pupils are introduced to a language, French, German or Spanish  in Year 7, 8, 9 in a way which is lively, interesting and as relevant as possible. Our aim is to stimulate pupils’ interest in the foreign country and its way of life and culture through TV programmes, videos and computer software.

At the end of Key Stage 3 pupils are assessed against the Asset Language Scale, if possible. They are usually entered at Breakthrough Level. This gives them a nationally recognised qualification.

At Key Stage 4 all pupils learning a Language will be entered for a public examination, either GCSE or Certificate of Achievement, according to the ability of the individual pupil.

The following topics will be covered:

- Self, Family and Friends.

- Home Life and Daily Routine.

- Free Time and Social Life.

- Home town and Geographical Area.

- Environment.

- Holiday, Travel and Social Life.

- School routine and Future Plans.

- Food, Drink, Shopping and Eating out.

- Social Issues and |Choices and Responsibilities.


For the GCSE course we use AQA Specification A or occasionally  the Short course . Pupils complete a separate test in Listening, Reading and Speaking at the end of Year 11. The Writing is completed throughout Year 10 and 11 in the form of 2 extensive pieces of coursework.

- For the Entry Level course pupils will have a short test in each skill, at the end of each topic throughout years 10 and 11. Marks will be added and the pupil will be awarded a Pass, Merit or Distinction according to the marks gained.