Curriculum Map 2017-18

Primary Curriculum

The National Curriculum is used as a basis for its learning programme. The service closely works with the child’s school to find out what level the child is working at and what content they are covering at that moment. This information is then used to form a personalised programme for the child.

The majority of the lessons are Literacy and Numeracy based but other subjects can also be taught if required by the school. 

Secondary Curriculum

Key changes to time-table for 2017/18

· English and Maths increased from 4 lessons to 5

· Option subjects increased from 2 lessons to 3

· RE introduced into KS3 as a bespoke subject

· Group therapy replaced Mentoring in KS3

· Year 10 reduced to 1 class

· New year 7/8 class introduced


· English and Maths core subjects- additional time will help to raise attainment and progress and give pupils better life chances post 16

· Increase in the amount of content covered in GCSE subjects requires additional lesson time. Most pupils come to the centre having missed a lot of time in school and have large gaps in their knowledge

· The teaching of RE as a bespoke subject gives increased opportunity to cover SMSC and British values

· Low numbers in year 9 did not justify 2 teaching classes in year 10

· Increase in the number of referrals for years 7 and 8 required the introduction of a class in the centre

· Group therapy as oppose to individual mentoring sessions gives the opportunity for more pupils to benefit from therapy and help to improve their mental health and communication skills